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Junior Individual Exhibit

Chief Standing Bear: From Tears to Triumphs

Ella Sater

Clara B. Colby

Alexa Tollman

Junior Group Exhibit

Thurgood Marshall "Mr. Civil Rights" - The Fight for School Equality

Carol Van Lancker and Kingston Muiu

Americans with Disabilities Act

Hudson Palu and Hattie Moeller

Junior Individual Performance

Rita Levi Montalcini: Breaking Down Barriers to Discover the Nerve Growth Hormone

Olivia Van Lancker

Mary Edwards Walker: A Fearless Female

Su-Maya Rieger

Junior Group Performance

The Night Witches: Breaking Barriers for Women in

World War II

Taylor Allen,

Emma Kennedy, Katherine Kerrigan, and Brianna Starkey

Marie Curie: Breaking Barriers in the Scientific Community

Lucy Hayes and Kinsley Oestmann

Junior Individual Documentary

The Hoover Dam: Overcoming the Unthinkable

Cori Barwick

Walt Disney: A Break-through in Animation

Callahan Hernandez

Junior Group Documentary

Salk's Quest

Wyatt Brady,

Mitchel Knode, and Carter Rudloff

Mergens v. Westside Community Schools: Opening the Doors to Religious Freedom in Public Schools

Amanda McElwain and Amy Oltman

Junior Individual Website

Margaret Sanger's Legacy: The Tiny Pill that Broke Giant Barriers

Naala Sorrell

The Stratobowl: Soaring Through the Barrier of the Stratosphere

Carter Guenther

Junior Group Website

Light and Color: How Claude Monet Changed the Art World

Cassidy Culjat and Shelby Stephens

Lovings Fight to Break Interracial Barriers

Sean Mathews and Iman Pearson

Junior Historic Paper

Roe v. Wade: A Controversial Case of Women's Reproductive Rights

Lydia Langfeldt

Florence Nightingale: Shattering the Barriers of Uncleanliness and Family and Social Disgrace

Izzie Santo

Senior Individual Exhibit

Marriage Equality: Breaking Barriers for LQBTQ+

Katelyn Hurtz

Grace Abbott: Refroming the American Dream

Sara Al-Rishawi

Senior Group Exhibit

Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte: Lighting the Way

Maggie Buettner, Meg Rajala, and Emily Stoner

The February Revolution

Diana Hanzlick, Tracy Hoard, and Derek Sander

Senior Individual Performance

Patsy Cline: Clearing the Path for Women Country Artists

Hannah Donnell

Corazon Aquino: Breaking the Barrier of Dictatorship

Breanna Whitten

Senior Group Performance

The Mercury 13 Women

Kamden Victory and Kylan Vogel

Senior Individual Documentary

Fall of the

Berlin Wall

Kendry Arrazcaeta

Whirlwind: Blowing Down Barriers for Modern Computers

Tyler Kaus

Senior Group Documentary

Brown v. Board of Education: The Integration of America

Ben Crotteau and Adam Rustermeir

Breaking Barriers of Space: Sputnik 1

Reilley Einspahr

and Cord Frink

Senior Individual Website

Kulinski Breaks the Iron Curtain Barrier

Thoman Kaus

Apollo 11: Beginning of the Impossible

Gavin Sell

Senior Group Website

Susan La Flesche Picotte: Breaking Barriers for Native American Women

Lauren Collins and Grace Sorenson

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry

Luke Heil and

Logan Vieth Goc

Senior Historic Paper

Standing Bear: Standing for the Rights of Native Americans

Kolby Johnson

Marlin Briscoe: Paving the Way for Black Quarterbacks

Seth Aipperspach