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Junior Individual Exhibit

Genessis Ajin

March on Washington: Communicating for Civil Rights

Jagar Matson

Father Flanagan - The Voice for the Unheard

Junior Group Exhibit

Gunnar Ducker and Nicholas Jepsen

Titanic: Failed Communication on the Icy Seas

Preston Kreman, Loural McCoy, Baxter Reece, and Weston Schaefer

Kennedy-Nixon Debate: Turning Point for Presidential Elections

Senior Individual Exhibit

Alexa Tollman

Elizebeth Freidman

Mary Householder

Propaganda's Power: Changing the Lives of World War II's Women

Senior Group Exhibit

Aubrey Rendel, Kayla Treat, and Sarah Washburn

Navajo Code Talkers

Tylea Underwood and Kamden Victory

The Night Witches

Junior Individual Performance

Carlee Page

Hedy Lamarr: Not Just a Pretty Face

Jonathan Strand

Navajo Code: Causing Misunderstanding for the Japanese

Junior Group Performance

Rylie Arens and Sophia Wortmann

The Children's Blizzard of 1888: The Advent of Communicating Meteorology

Kinley Olson and Kiley Orton

The Pony Express: Increasing Understanding in Ten Days or Less

Junior Individual Documentary

Sasha Denenberg

Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine

Callahan Hernandez

The Omaha Playhouse Communication

Junior Group Documentary

Evie Dorman and Sarah Gygi

Sacajawea: The Greatest Translator

Rhett Flack and Colton Mader

Wounded Knee

Junior Individual Website

Carlos Guerrero

The Photos that Shocked America: The Horrors of Child Labor Exposed by Lewis Hine

Christopher Melvin

Carrier Pigeons: Phantoms of Animal Communication

Junior Group Website

Olivia Fitzgerald and Eva Jaixen

Navajo Code Talkers: Language Supressed Turns to War Success

Dilsia Colindres Fonseca and

Ashlin George

Disney's Production of World War 2 Propaganda

Junior Historic Paper

First Place

Lydia Langfeldt

The Feminine Mystique: The Key to Understanding the Problem That Has No Name

Carter Acosta
Universal Language: The Bombings of Japan

Senior Group Performance

Celina Braithwaite, Taci Flinn,

Kaitlyn Heyen,

and Justin Lueck

Nellie Bly's Untold Story

Ayden Brophy and Andrew Reed

Pigeon Post:

Post by Pigeon

Senior Individual Documentary

Tyler Kaus

Grace Hopper: Computer Communicator

Anna Brant

Sign Language:

The Spread from Europe to America

Senior Group Documentary

Adam Algahimi and Max Olson

The Space Race: Advancements in Communication

Anthony Braesch and Zane Sims

American Slave Music: Communication of Sorrow and Hope

Senior Individual Website

Thoman Kaus

Katyn Massacre: Communication That Prevented Justice

Grace Belter

"God Rides with the Hobos So Let Them Ride:" Communication of the American Hobo

Senior Group Website

Raegan Mulliner and Nicole Tinius

The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: How One Bomb Sent Shock Waves Across the World

Karlee Beck and Stephany Rodriguez

Underground Railroad: Secret Communication to Freedom

Senior Historic Paper

Isabelle Stallbaumer

Rap: A Revolution of Communication

Lindsay Amaya

The Scopes Trial: A Conflict Between Traditional and Modern Values