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Crazy Horse Elizabith.jpg

Crazy Horse

Red cloud.jpg

Red Cloud

Hospital for insane.jpg

Ingleside Hospital for the Insane

Reverend gage.jpg

Reverend Gage

the kansas-NE Elizabith.jpg

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

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The Conflict of 1867

Father F Elizabith.jpg

Father Flanagan


Union Stockyards

Meyer Elizabith.jpg

Meyer v Nebraska

crystal lake.jpg

Crystal Lake

Nebraska in the civil war Elizabith.jpg

Nebraska in the Civil War

omaha Star news.jpg

The Omaha Star

Nellie Elizabith.jpg

Nellie Bly

Greek Town Riots.jpg

Greek Town Riots

Mari Sandoz Elizabith.jpg

Mari Sandoz


Urban League of Nebraska

Buffalo Bill

Prohibition in NE


Russell, Majors, Wadell Freighting


Stephen Nuckolls


The Martin Brothers

Mathew Oliver Rickets

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The Cheyenne Outbreak


Thomas Tibbles

Ranchers and farmers.jpg

1884 Ranchers and Farmers

John O.png

John O'Neill

Joseph Laf.jpg
Johnny Hopp.jpg

Joseph La Flesche

Johnny Hopp


The Treaty of Fort Laramie

Lewis and clark.jpg

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

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Buffalo Soldiers

Bartlett Richards.jpg

Bartlett Richards


Wounded Knee

download (2).jfif

Susan La Flesche Picotte

Fentanyl Execution - Nebraska's Pioneering Use of Drug-Based Execution

Ada Patterson.jpg

Ada Patterson - Breaking Barriers in Journalism

Ada Bittenbender.png

Ada Bittenbender - First Female Attorney in Nebraska

Angel DeCora - Breaking Barriers in Mainstream Recognition of Native American Art and Culture

Constance Claussen.jpg

Constance Claussen - Breaking Barriers in Women's College Athletics

Bob Pickens.jpg

Bob Pickens - Breaking the Color Barrier

Claire Owens.jpg

Claire Owens - Breaking Barriers for the Blind

The Homestead Act.jpg

The Homestead Act - Breaking Barriers on the American Frontier

Rheta Childe Dorr.jpg

Rheta Childe Dorr - Breaking Barriers in Journalism and Women's Rights

Hazel Abel.jpg

Hazel Abel - The First Female Senator to Succeed a Female Senator

The Kinkaid Act.jpg

The Kinkaid Act - Breaking Barriers on the American Frontier

The Pony Express.jpg

The Pony Express - Breaking Barriers in Communication

The SAFER Barrier.jpg

The SAFER Barrier - Breaking Barriers in Motor Racing Safety

The Transcontinental Railroad.jpg

The Transcontinental Railroad - Breaking Barriers in Transportation

Frederic Clements.jpg

Frederic Clements - Breaking Barriers in Ecology

Olga Stastny.png

Olga Stastny - The First Female Physician of Czech Descent in Nebraska

Lillian St. Cyr.jpg

Lillian St. Cyr - The First Native American Movie Star

1986 NE Gubernatorial Election.jpg

The 1986 Nebraska Gubernatorial Election - The First Gubernatorial Race between Two Female Candidates

J. Sterling Morton.jpg

J. Sterling Morton - The Founder of Arbor Day

Clara Colby.jpg

Clara Colby - The First Woman to Publish her own Women's Daily Newspaper

Standing Bear.jpg

Standing Bear - Breaking Barriers for Native American Rights

Kay Orr.jpg

Kay Orr - Nebraska's First Female Governor

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