About History Day

National History Day is designed to help students learn to think like historians, exhibit their work in an authentic environment, and take ownership of their learning. 
Quote from Lynne M. O'Hara, Director of Programs, NHD

Annual Theme

The theme changes every year allowing students to explore a new direction no matter how many years they compete!  The theme is intentionally broad to encourage investigation of a wide range of topics from local to global, and from ancient time to the recent past. Students should begin their research with secondary sources to gain broader context, progress to finding primary sources, and then develop a historical argument.  The historical argument or thesis answers the important question of why this particular event, person, or idea was instrumental in shaping history. 

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  • Information on the NHD Program and Meeting Nebraska Standards

  • Information on the 2023 Theme

  • Project Creation

  • Contest Details

  • Contest General Rules

  • Historical Sites and Museum Information for Nebraska

  • FAQ's

Need a little help?

Introductory Videos for your NHD journey!


Your History Day project is like a journey, requiring lots of stops along the way before you get to your final destination. These "stop" videos are designed to help you through your journey by discussing how and where to find sources, how and why to incorporate historical argument and student voice, and many more details.  The short videos introduce the main components for those new to the program and tips on creating and refining projects for returning students.


More in depth videos for high school students will arrive soon!

Enjoy the stops along your journey!

In-Depth Analysis Videos provided by Taylor Hamblin

Contest Rule Book

The Rule Book includes: 

  • ​What is NHD? 

  • Program Overview

  • Rules For All Categories

  • Individual Category Rules

  • Information on How Your Entry will be Judged

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Judge Evals

Rubric Format

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