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In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Nebraska National History Day will be virtual / online instead of at Nebraska Wesleyan University.    A virtual (online) contest allows student work to be reviewed, feedback sent to teachers and students, and selections made for the National Contest.

What do you need to know?    All entries submitted online and the deadline is Monday, April 6 at 10:00pm CST. All teachers will be communicated with via mass email.  Students can be part of the communication link if they provide a personal email (theirs or their parents) and select "yes, keep me in the loop" in their registration.  We will also post information on the website here, and in the registration system as applicable.

Here are the current guidelines - please remember adjustments may need to be made:

For a full virtual contest guide - click here.   For only the instructions on submitting an entry online - click here.

If anything appears confusing, reach out to Shari Sorenson ( or 402-465-2439).  Do know it is a work in process.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Opens     After your regional contest

Closes    Still Open!


All categories will have submittals through the registration system.  Soft Deadline is Monday, April 6 by 10:00pm. Final Deadline is Friday, April 10 by 10:00pm.


*Do NOT create a new account for the State Contest. Student, project, and teacher information have been advanced from the district contest.  Use the SAME username and password that you used for your district contest to log in.

Payment Information

Payments to be sent to:

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Nebraska National History Day

Attn. Shari Sorenson

5000 St. Paul Ave

Lincoln, NE 68504

Checks to be made out to:

Nebraska National History Day


Registration Fee: $12.00 per student

Due as soon as you can get it in the mail!


Shari Sorenson

(402) 465-2439

5000 St Paul Ave

Lincoln, NE  68504


5000 St Paul Ave

Lincoln, NE  68504

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