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Nebraska Topics: Firsts / Beginnings / Records

Olga Stastny.png

Olga Stastny

Joseph Johnson.png

Joseph Johnson

The SAFER Barrier.jpg

The SAFER Barrier

Kay Orr.jpg

Kay Orr

US Postal Air Mail Service in Nebraska.j

US Postal Air Mail Service in Nebraska

The Omaha Star.jpg

The Omaha Star

Susan La Flesche Picotte.jpg

Susan La Flesche Picotte

Clara Colby.jpg

Clara Colby

Constance Claussen.jpg

Constance Claussen

Ada Patterson.jpg

Ada Patterson


Alfred Jones

The Pony Express.jpg

The Pony Express

Hazel Abel.jpg

Hazel Abel

Ada Bittenbender.png

Ada Bittenbender

The Corps of Discovery.jpg

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

1986 NE Gubernatorial Election.jpg

The 1986 Nebraska Gubernatorial Election

Company Z (3 girls photo).jpg

The Girls of Company Z


Ernie Chambers


Clarence W. Wigington

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