Contest Information

Map of Districts by County

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Registration Information

Each district has a unique registration link for students and teachers that can be accessed from each District Contest page. Once an account has been created, information can be changed until the registration deadline.  Teachers' accounts will remain in the system from year-to-year, but students will need to create new accounts every contest year.

Registration Guides

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Group Entries

All group members must create an individual account; the first student to register will generate the project/team key. The project/team key will need to be shared with all group members in order to sync the accounts during registration. Please contact the district coordinator if you run into an issue with the project/team key.


Attention Teachers! If you are participating for the first time, you will need to contact the state office at BEFORE you register in order to have your school added into the system. If you are unsure, please check the list on your district's page.


Teachers need to have a completed registration prior to any students registering.  If you have forgotten your password, you have two options:  click on “forgot my password”  of the registration page or you can email to have your password reset.

Teachers are required to give their gender, address, phone number, and email address when creating an account.


Students are required to give their gender, ethnicity, and  a valid e-mail address  to create an account. Almost all correspondence is through email - use what works!  The registration system will not require confirmation but will send a link for partial registrations and confirmation emails to the email listed. If you wish to have instructions on how to get Nebraska National History Day white listed on your system, please contact the state coordinator..