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Program Materials

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The theme changes every year allowing students to explore a new direction no matter how many years they compete!  The theme is intentionally broad to encourage investigation of a wide range of topics from local to global, and from ancient time to the recent past. Students should begin their research with secondary sources to gain broader context, progress to finding primary sources, and then develop a historical argument.  The historical argument or thesis answers the important question of why this particular event, person, or idea was instrumental in shaping history. 

The Guide Packet includes: 

  • ​General information on NHD program

  • Meeting Nebraska Standards

  • 2023 Theme

  • Project Creation

  • Contest Details

  • General Contest Rules

  • Historical Sites and Museum Information for Nebraska

2021 Rule Book Cover.PNG

Contest Rule Book

The Rule Book includes: 

  • ​What is NHD? 

  • Program Overview

  • Rules For All Categories

  • Individual Category Rules

  • Information on how your entry

       will be Judged

Judge Evaluation Form

Click the buttons below to get the blank judge evaluation form for each category.  NHD uses  a rubric format.

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